Machines, additional equipment, devices and services for the production of containers and technical articles from blown thermoplastics.

AUTOMA by MAGIC Hydraulic Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines
CRIZAF Conveyor belts, filling and storage conveyors, separators
Euroviti Manufacture and renovation of plasticizing barrels and screws
INDUSTRIAL FRIGO Industrial cooling systems
MAGIC mp s.p.a. Machines for production of blowmoulded plastic packaging
NEW OMAP Dryers, mixers, dosers and central feeding systems
PREVEN Manufacture of ISBM moulds and extrusion heads
SATRINDTECH Industrial shredders
TRIA Grinders for plastics and rubber
VILLANI Giovanni Convey belts, air/water leakage testers, palletizers, ...
Servicing on blowmoulding machiness, consulting services for investments in the production of blown thermoplastics.